Busy week

Very busy week last week, hence no post. Here is the run down:

Tuesday – Last softball game of the season.

Wednesday – Drinks with a friend visiting NY from UK due to work. Didn’t get hook up because Cingular fucked up the international dialling capability (i.e. I can’t dial international number even though I have it activated). But had to hang out in Starbuck hoping he will get back to me via text message. Didn’t get the reply until the morning next day.

ThursdayJames Blunt concert (photos here & here).

Friday – Dinner with my friend Wendy & co. at Monsoon. Then onto a “variety” show with one of Wendy’s friend performing.

Saturday/Sunday – Work on ecto. Watched Rx for Survival, etc.

And this week has already been half gone! Where are my time?!

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