Again, after listening to last week’s Security Now! podcast about Wi-Fi security (or there lack of with WEP and MAC filtering, which was what I was using) on Thursday, I semi-paniced and ordered two new Netgear Wi-Fi 802.11g adapters from Amazon.

But when I was digging around my PC this morning, trying to reduce the memory footprint of the system, I discovered that my laptop Wi-Fi adapter already support WPA-PSK security. So I went ahead and changed the router and laptop settings, and it works! And lo and behold, my old Titanium Powerbook also works with WPA-PSK! What an idiot, I feel… I could have a much more secure network for months!

So when the new adapters arrive from Amazon, I’ll have to return them. Not a big hassle but still I feel bad ordering them in the first place without doing my own due diligent.

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