Who did I piss off?

These happened in the last 24 hours:

  • Got hit in the eye by a softball during warm up. Left lens shattered and thus need replacement. Partly my fault for not wearing my contacts but also I had a lot of trouble putting contacts in the week before to I decided not to yesterday (and I was lazy).
  • Misplaced my wedding ring somewhere. I swear I left it on my office desk yesterday but it is not here now. Could have been lost in the softball field when I took off my glove after getting hit by the softball. Won’t know until I get home tonight to check the glove. I am not really holding my breath…
  • Got a spyware, for the first ever time in over 15 years, on my PC laptop and now I don’t have internet connection. Didn’t have time to fix it apart from running anti-spyware apps which found nothing.

So, do I have to sacrifice a goat or virgin or something to appease some god somewhere?

2 thoughts on “Who did I piss off?

Add yours

  1. One word – hubris.

    We got above ourselves eating in fancy joints…we must eat at the golden hut or under the golden arches to appease the gods 🙂


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