The way sugar supposed to be presented

The way sugar supposed to be presented

This Saturday Leah and I went to Babbo to celebrate our ten years anniversary. We had fantastic food there. First we had a three goat cheese truffles for anitpasti, then mint ravioli with spicy lamb sausage source for primi. After that Leah had wild strip bass for secondi while I had grilled lamb chop.

Finally at the end of the meal when the coffee came, and before our deserts arrived, the waiter left the sugar ‘box’ on our table. Instead of the regular affair where the box contains a bunch of sugar substitutes and a few packets of ‘real’ white sugar, let alone brown sugar, Babbo has it the right way round!

Just look at it! Sugar sticks, brown sugars, white sugars, and then oh, what’s that between the brown and white sugars? A few packets of sugar substitutes for those who are dieting!

Real sugar rules!

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