View from the summit

View from the summit

Leah and I went to the US Open last night with couple of our friends. Since we weren’t celebrities, tennis players, or just plain rich, we got seats at the last row of the whole stadium. The court may look very far from the photo but actually the view isn’t all that bad. Not too different from watching the match on a small TV in your living room (of course watching it on HD is a different matter!).

The first match was Davenport/Medina Garrigue which Davenport had a slow start. After struggling through the first set, she just breezed through the second. We left the stadium before she wrapped up the match and moved to the Armstrong stadium to watch other matches.

We ended up watching the Grosjean/Robredo match. We managed to get seats just off the first level and thus very close to the action. The match turned out to be an epic 4 sets match and we certainly got our money worth.

By the time this match finished, which lasted over 3 hours, it was already past 11PM and we made our way back to the Arthur Ashe stadium to see the Haas/Ginepri match. This also turned out to be an epic 5 sets match with Ginepri barely won the match.

So we didn’t leave the stadium until after 12:45AM and only managed to get home an hour later. Long night but it was well worth it being able to watch pro tennis this up close and personal.

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