Alarm 1202*

What had happened this weekend and this week thus far:

  • Fixed bugs on Saturday at the office so we can move to make a release of our software today.
  • Went to a party after work on Saturday.
  • Played golf with friends on Sunday.
  • Watched HBO’s Rome premiere (1 hours).
  • Watched Fox’s Prison Break premiere (2 hours).
  • Watched Discovery Channel’s Top Gear (1 hour).
  • Watched Fox’s House (1 hour).
  • Watched History Channel’s Failure is Not an Options part 1 and 2 (4 hours in total).
  • Fixed disappearing toolbars in ecto (45 minutes).
  • Put and sold old TV and TiVo via Craigslist.
  • Finished reading last week’s New Scientist.

What will happen this week:

  • Watch Showtime’s Weeds (30 minutes).
  • Watch TNT’s Wanted (1 hour).
  • Watch Travel Channel’s Anthony Bourdain (1 hour).
  • Watch Discovery Channel’s Going Tribal (1 hour).
  • Transfer Rome (SD version) from DVR to VHS for Leah’s friend.
  • Watch Discovery Channel’s Top Gear (1 hour).
  • Watch Formula 1’s Italian Grand Prix at Monza (~4 hours including practice, qualifying, and race).
  • Read this week’s New Scientist.
  • Finish up programming and testing of ecto for version 1.8 release next week.

* Alarm 1202 is the program alarm in the Apollo’s Lunar Landing Module when the landing computer is overloaded.

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  1. Does sound a bit square eyes-ish, but I guess 4 hours is educational (Space documentary) and at least the Grand Prix is not every weekend!

    Good job we’ve got our bank holiday this weekend 🙂


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