A Fresh Start

I’ve been trying to think of something to say that many others haven’t since the Sunday’s so-called Grand Prix race. This BBC piece sums up nicely how I’ve felt thus far. One important point is that since the inception of the breakaway series I have been more or less oppose to the idea but after this Sunday’s race I think the breakaway teams and manufacturers do have a point. The new breakaway series will be gladly welcome when it starts without Max, Bernie, & co.

Update: So now the Michelin teams are being summoned to Paris by the FIA. No doubt they will be punished for ‘bringing the sport into disrepute’, an ambiguous phase favour by the FIA/Max Mosley. The teams will get off lightly if a hefty fine imposed. But more likely, their points from the last race will also be deducted to aid Ferrari’s championship hope. Let’s see if my prediction comes true.

Update 2: So the new phase is "acts prejudicial to the interests of competition or motor sport generally.". I wasn’t too far off, was I?

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