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So I have tried out couple more Palm blogging apps (HBlogger and Vagablog) and I still prefer mo:Blog. Although when I try to post with a picture the first time couple of days ago, mo:Blog throw up error left, right, and centre. No problem at all when I tried again just now.

With HBlogger, it only supports file upload via FTP. Why the hell not via the API? Even though it claims that it supports MT/TP, it doesn’t really. First, you can’t set MT’s properties such as comment, text format, trackback, etc. (mo:Blog can’t do these either. Again, why the hell not if it really support MT’s API?) Then there is the absent of post title support. To me, it looks like HBlogger support the old Blogger API and that is why it can’t do any of these things.

And one more thing… Neither of them support categories properly. HBlogger doesn’t, period. mo:Blog makes you set a category when you set up a blog (see my previous post) but when I actually make a post the category is not set. If that’s all I get then I may as well moblog to TypePad using TP’s email feature. At least I know it works and free.

I am disappointed with what I can find so far. Here I am with a great smartphone/PDA and I can’t even upload my photos along with my blog post unless I have FTP (as is the case with HBlogger) or set categories! Category supports is crucial because I want to set my post category to MoBlog so Technorati will pick it up as tags.

If the next version of mo:Blog support categories properly along with support for MT’s post options, caching blog IDs and categories, ability to edit blog name, etc. I’ll have no problem paying for a license. But for now, I’ll wait.

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