Packing and Moving

And so the moving day is tomorrow. Leah and I have packed more or less everything bar the bare essentials. Though the definition of bare essentials for us consist of the TV, TiVo, DVD/Hi-Fi, both of our laptops, speakers for the laptops, printer, and DSL/Wi-Fi equipment. And these are just the electronics! We still have all the kitchen stuff and bathroom stuff to be packed away.


One comment

  1. leah

    Let’s clarify -Leah has packed most of the essentials. Alex will be packing the gadets and the wires tonight. Now given the delicate nature of the electrical equipment, it is a more time consuming job (on both ends) than packing away all the books, clothes and everything else. But I think I win bulk wise 🙂

    Now, I shop stop blogging and get the kitchen packed up.

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