Skype Me

I’ve heard a few good things about Skype recently so I downloaded a copy for my PowerBook. Very nicely designed UI but with a lack of willing and capable participant on the other end of the connection I haven’t been able to test out the actual speaking part yet.

The last time I tried VoIP was when I was working in Portland and Leah and I talked over the net using iChat. Pretty good quality but with a slight time delay. Perhaps Skype will be better, especially with its cross-platform nature (i.e. more potential users)?

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  1. Regarding your Skype comment, I just wanted to say that I have tried voice feature with my friend who is on windows and Im on Mac OS we both had dial-up at the time and I wasn’t really impressed with it. It was breaking up alot and there wasn’t any option (as far i could see back then) to setup bandwith usage. Since iChat was much better in handling voice chat for me,I have removed skype. Im thinking of installing the final version and try it once again.


  2. I am not too surprise that VoIP doesn’t work very well over dial-up connection. The last time I tried which was at least 5 years ago the sound quality was not good. Definitely not usable. But I’ve used iChat over broadband and it worked very well. I’ve yet to try Skype though.


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