Quick MacWorld SF roundup

Mac mini is nice. Definitely a Cube version 2 from Apple. As someone in MacRumors forum said, “It’s not a Cube, it’s a Sandwich!” And a colleague of mine, who was never a Mac fan, ordered one yesterday as soon as it was up on Apple’s Store. I am tempted to get the mini for my mom who is still using my old PC from college (a Pentium II 166MHz running Windows 98!). She mainly uses it for email, surfing the web, fax, and QuickBook so the mini is perfect for her.

Finally an iPod that is affordable for even those cheapskate Windows users 😀 Lack of a screen may put some ignorant, narrow minded people (who think their ways of using an iPod is the only way every one in this planet will use it, i.e. you need screen to pick the songs/album/playlist to listen to) off though.

iLife ’05 is what really interest me. Particularly iPhoto 5 with its new support for RAW format means I no longer need to use Photoshop CS’s browser to manage my RAW files. How iPhoto 5 stacks up against Capture One Pro, which has a very strong file management feature, is another matter. But since I don’t use any of the other applications apart from iTunes, which is still free, the $79 price tag is a bit high for me.

iWork is definitely a step in the right direction for Apple and their customers. The lack of a spreadsheet program means I still can’t get rid of Microsoft Office from my PowerBook yet.

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