When I was a teenager living in the middle of nowhere in the U.K. in the early 90’s, my then best friend introduced me to Pearl Jam and their great music (Ten and Vs. which I still think are their best work thus far). But I lost interest in them after the release of the Vitalogy album which, at the time, I thought was not really Pearl Jam anymore.

However, back in October when Pearl Jam’s iTunes exclusive album, Live at Benaroya Hall, was released I found myself listening to the preview tracks and liking them. I bought that album soon and now I am in a Pearl Jam revival mood. I’ve just previewed and bought their No Code album and iTunes is downloading the tracks as we speak. Strangely I already have the Yield album (which I thought was OK) that was released after No Code. Somehow I skipped that album without knowing until this evening…

Perhaps as I mature from teenage to adulthood, my music taste matches (with years long delays) Pearl Jam transformation as well? Or is it a case of nostalgia?

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  1. interesting whether it is nostalgia or if you and pearl jam just have reached a point where you match. It is a discussion I’ve had with my boyfriend before, regarding my dad. but in case of my dad, I think it is more nostalgia, unfortunately. 🙂


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