So I’ve succumbed to the game console temptation after Halo 2 was released this week and bought a Xbox this evening. The main reason is that a group of us in the office decided that we should setup a team to play online. And since I loved playing FPS game online I couldn’t really resist with playing Halo 2 on Xbox Live! with team speak. I am still getting used to the game pad control with its very different way of movement and POV. I miss my mouse for aiming!

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  1. You’re going to love Halo 2 on Live – king of the hill with rockets is the most chaotic and maddening thing 🙂 It’s not unusual to win around with a ridiculously low time (like 3 seconds).

    A very happy Ecto user.


  2. I played one game of Halo 2 QuickMatch last night on Live after buying a 50ft ethernet cable to connect my router to the Xbox 🙂 Got completely slaughtered. I think my choice of control style, Legacy, doesn’t work well in Halo even though it works on PC FPS game. Definitely need more practice!


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