Rainbow Six

So the games had arrived yesterday, finally! What I thought was just a game pack of Rainbow Six and Rainbow Six: Eagle Watch, turns out to be both of those plus Rogue Spear, Rogue Spear: Urban Operations, Rainbow Six: Covert Ops, Rainbox Six: Covert Ops Essentials, and a strategy guidebook! Pretty good bargain for $40!

And I was reminded of how difficult the game was (and is), only completing two missions after spending nearly four hours last night. I could easily finish more missions with some team members killed but I am perfectionist and thus I don’t finish a mission unless it it is perfectly executed.

No price in guessing what game I will be playing this weekend…

[composed and posted with ecto 2]

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  1. Yes, let us guess what you’ll be doing this weekend…well to make up for ignoring me you can take me to a movie Suspect Zero or Mobile oops Cellular 🙂 Did you know that THX 1138 is also out????


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