picture(4).jpgSo this is what greeted me this morning when I stepped outside of my apartment building, trying to get to work. I might as well took my clothes off and swam across the intersection! Here are the blurry pictures from my camera phone. You can just about able to make out the huge splashes made by the slow travelling Jeep.

picture(2).jpgAfter watching many people bravely walked across the ‘pond’, Leah decided to test the water and walked around the corner. There she found that the land was pretty much dry and called me on the cell phone to let me know! The irony was that Leah didn’t even need to be out this morning! She was just craving for her daily dose of Starbuck coffee!

picture(3).jpg Women who were dressed in skirts and sandals were very fortunate. All they needed to do were pulled up their skirts and walked on. Me, I had to put on my trainers (tennis sneakers for the American readers), rolled up my trousers, and took a pair of dry socks and my work shoes with me. Of course, with the water up to knees deep in places I ended up with completely soaked shoes and socks by the time I got to the office.

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  1. Wow, I had no idea you had so much rain. I thought all the big storms were coming through tonight but they seem to be more westerly now… hopefully it’s not worse in the morning!


  2. Woah, that’s some rain. When I click to enlarge each picture I get both a pop up and directed to the page on which the photo is hosted – not comlaining, just wondering if you intended it this way :-0) I’m using Win 2K/FF1.0PR.


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