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So let see what I have been up to recently… Well, Leah and I spent the last weekend in Boston. MIT Museum was disappointing. Tiny little museum with not much impressive technology (old or new) on display. My house feels more hi-tech than the museum! Not to mention the highly camouflaged campus. I was expecting high-tech, glass/metal faculty buildings with satellite dishes on the roofs, etc. Instead I thought I was in an industrial area of Boston with abandoned warehouses and power station. The Freedom Trail was interesting and given that any map of Boston seems to exaggerate the size of the city we managed to walk the trail in an afternoon with time to spare for lemonades (hand squeezed for $3 a pop!) and coffee. The photos for this trip will be up soon.

This evening I played in my company’s softball game for the first time. While practicing, I managed to get hit by a ball in the side of the face when a colleague of mine missed a catch. My nice Oakley glasses take the brunt of the force. It didn’t break up surprisingly thanks to its tough construction, but I do have a slightly bent out of shape glassed on my nose right now. The left arm joint is loose and its piston spring is stretched and thus the arms won’t grip my ears evenly. Now the glasses won’t stay on my nose properly and keep sliding down. Very annoying and uncomfortable. Have to take it to the shop tomorrow to see whether it can be repaired or I’ll have to get a new frame. Either way, more money down the drain. At least I can wear my contact lenses while the glasses are being repaired.

Work is boring right now. The project is at the stage where everything major (and minor) design decisions are settled and we just need to build the damn thing. Very monogamous. I start looking at the clock within couple of hours of starting work each day, that’s how bored I am. If it were for my rather fragile immigration status (still waiting for my Green Card) I would have started looking for another job. Then again, this one doesn’t bestow me with responsibility and has regular hours but the pay is below par. New job probably means the opposite. Damn those terrorists who made INS prolongs the GC process!

As for my own software, I am ready to release another version this week if the guy who provides the icons come back to me with my request. If not, I may have to get another guy to do it. This version will be one of the most stable version so far and the next version will take awhile to develop as some major changes are on the way.

Haven’t bought any new gadgets/electronics for at least couple of months now, which is rare for me. Good for the bank balance but bad for my short attention span. Need excitements…

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