Computer vs. Art

I’ve always known that my W-4 was inaccurate and I always get a tax refund from IRS every year. So even before knowing how much the refund will be for last year tax return, I was already thinking what I can use those money for (apart from saving it).

Initially, I was biasing towards getting a new PC laptop. I know, I should get a G5 but my blogging software, TypeWriter, is acquiring interests from important quarter. So I have been, and will be, doing a lot of development work on my PC laptop. And thus a new laptop make sense and will make my life easier.

Then came the Weblog Review on this blog. It gave me pauses to think about my priority with regard to my hobby. Photography has been my hobby for a few years now but I have not been able to do that last year due to the unpredictable work schedule. However, with my new job and its stability, I can renew my photography hobby again.

Along with ample encouragement from Leah, I’ve decided it is the right time for me to start again and getting a digital camera will be the first step. I’ve been resisting the urge to go digital for a long time. I’ve even bought a film scanner couple of years ago so I’ll have a way to digitise my slides/negatives. But now the technology has finally matured to the point that I feel my investment won’t be wasted.

So the new PC laptop is replaced by a DSLR. Since I’ve already owned three lenses from Canon naturally I am considering Canon’s DSLR. First on my list is the EOS-10D, which has all the features and functionality that my film body, EOS30/Elan7E has. This means it will take me no time to learn how to use the 10D and exploit its potentials.

I’ve also researched into the EOS Digital Rebel/300D which has the same 6MP sensor that the 10D has. However the build, feature, and functionality set the Digital Rebel has really doesn’t match up with my expectation despite the price.

Now, all I need to do is pluck up my courage and order it from Amazon…

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  1. My digital camera (Canon Powershot S45) has become a staple. It’s so useful to be able to take a photo, crop it, color correct it, and share it with others, almost instantly, that I use my Canon EOS a lot less than I ever would have expected.

    The one thing I miss is the range of tones and colors that film provides. Subjects in mixed shade and bright sunlight often perplex my digital camera. Such subjects always require some corrections by the photographer, but the uncorrected images are strikingly overexposed on a digital.

    Really liked your photos of NYC!



  2. I think w.r.t. range of tones and colours of films, it depends on what type of films you use. I normally shoot slides so digital will gives me about the same difficulty in exposure as slides would. Although I have been told that digital has around one stop more latitude in exposure aginst slides so that should make life slightly easier.


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