Modesty is good only in moderation

Last week Leah was doing a tidy up in the apartment when she came across my photo ‘portfolio’. She was again very impressed by my photos, even though I don’t think they are that exceptionally good. Nonetheless, Leah felt they are good enough that she requested a prospectus from the School of Visual Art in New York so I can look at their continuing education course in Photography.

Although I know that some of my photos are good and that a number of friends and family had previously told me that they are very good, I’ve never felt that I have the skills to make a living from photography. Then last week, I realised that my mindset is partially influenced by my Chinese upbringing.

Modest is a virtue that my parents have instilled in me since I can remember. Teaching such as, let your work speaks for itself, becomes integral part of my thinking that it drives my everyday actions. Only in the last few years that I can accept I can and should let people know my development skills. And that I should not just let my previous works do the speaking. With photography, I am still in the modesty mindset and it is something I need to wrap my mind around the fact that I can take good photographs.

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  1. I hadn’t looked at your photos before. I took a look at the “America” album. They are all very good. I enjoy taking pictures but am not good at it (yet). You have a good eye for not only the right subject but getting the right perspective, color and lighting. You apparently know how to work your camera, which is very important.

    Who knows, maybe you can make money taking pictures. What could be better doing something you love AND making money doing it!


  2. You should check out the New York album 🙂

    Well, I am already doing something I love (software development) and make money doing it. But I agree that photography will be a even better occupation.


  3. i have just ventured to your site and have only briefly looked at your photos. if you are thinking about pursuing photography … which you should … i recommend checking out hallmark institute of photography in turners falls, massachusetts.

    a friend of mine graduated from there and thoroughly enjoyed her experience. she is now 25 years old and has her own photography studio and is doing very well.

    h.i.p. provides photography training, business training … everything you would need to pursue any avenue of a career in photography.

    here’s their website:


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