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This blog has been reviewed by The Weblog Review today! When I submitted my blog for review awhile ago I wasn’t sure how it will be received. I would say that the review is very fair and accurate. Although how the reviewer not understanding the meaning and word play of ‘Mine Blogging’ is interesting.

Mine->My + Blogging->Blog = My Blog


Mine Blogging->Mind Boggling

Clever? No?

And the reviewer gives me ideas on how to improve the blog. I’ve been considering migrating my old photo site to TypePad photo album for some time and this review is a huge incentive for me to make a move on. I am also waiting for the planned photo album improvement (ability to leave comments, more templates, etc.) from TypePad before I migrate my photos.

Personally I like the dark style but since I am not very good at graphic design I am loathed to change for the sake of changing. Chances are that I will change it for the worse! Ideally, I would like to have the background in lighter shades but no bright (pun intended) idea has came to my mind yet…

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  1. I was trying to look deeper in to your title too and I couldn’t come up with it until you told me the other day 🙂

    Create a new design on a test blog and tweak it until you like it. Then you can easly switch it to this blog and your loyal readers can swiftly tear it apart 🙂 All for the best, I assure you!


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