All good things come to those who wait

It feels like our hard work of the last few years have finally paid off.

Hard work:

  • I moved to New York to work on my own, leaving Leah in the UK to mob up the company tax mess.
  • Leah moved back to her mum’s place and occupied the basement to save rent.
  • I worked as contractor/consultant for 3 years, with the fear of being deported if I lost my job as my Visa is tied to one employer only.
  • Leah could not stay with me in the US until we were married.
  • I worked my ass off last 18 months to build up our saving again after it was depleted by the wedding.


  • Our Green Card applications are near the end. Hopefully we will get a decision from INS this year.
  • I have a steady, permanent job that I know won’t disappear overnight. Even if it does, I can now go and get another job.
  • My new job gives the weekend and week nights back to me. Now I can plan ahead and socialize with my friends.
  • Leah is studying what she likes and, apparently, excels at.
  • Our saving is back to respectable level, with more tax refunds coming and share option sales from my last employer.
  • And last but not least, we are living in a country that we love. We don’t feel restricted by social behaviors, stereotyping, and bound by peer pressure. Our American friends take us for what we are, not what we were.

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