Photobloggers at SoHo

Leah and I will be at the New York City PhotoBloggers event in Apple SoHo store tonight. There should be a few TypePad users there as well. And if I am really lucky, I may even get to talk to Mena or Ben Trott from Six Apart! Watch this space…

Update: No Mena or Ben 😦 Only a Six Apart employee who did a great presentation. (I wasn’t able to post straight from Apple Store due to my own stupid mistake while syncing my cell phone this morning. I mistakenly checked the “Only synchronize contacts with phone numbers” option and lost the address book entry of TypePad’s moblogging email address.)

New York City Photoblogger at Apple Store

Very interesting presentation from the rest of the photobloggers. It is rather fascinating that all these people who has a large amount of expressive creativity but they can’t make a half decent presentation!

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  1. What a bummer, that the presentation was lame.

    I love the Soho Apple store! That one sure beats any of the Apple stores around Chicago. I made sure to visit it last time I went to New York. I sat in on some sort of presentation for iTunes and the iTunes Music Store, when the iTMS was new.

    It was comical, because the instructor was trying to encourage audience participation, and I was the only one saying anything. And I, being the clown that I am, had to make brutally honest ripostes to his questions, too. The poor guy. Good times, noodle salad.


  2. I agree…i thought most of the presenters had a hard time expressing their thoughts verbally. Nervousness? Who knows…so, I just looked at the photos and tuned out the start/stop commentary after a while.


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