OmniWeb 5 beta 2

Curiosity gets the better of me and I downloaded beta 2 of OmniWeb 5 last night. (Camino nightly is busted since 2/19 kind of help my curiosity too!)

Beta 2 is definitely a big improvement over beta 1, as it no longer crashes easily though it still crashes on some situation. There are still a large number of known issues and bugs but right now beta 2 is good enough for me to try using it as my default browser over Safari. The tabs implementation is very interesting and the ads-blocking is really good. The two features that I really like are the Site Preferences (you can set individual settings for each sites) and RSS feed detection.

If and when OmniWeb uses the latest WebKit from Apple (it is still on v85, i.e. Safari 1.1) I will definitely tempted to pay for this browser.

Update: Spoke way too soon. OmniWeb has been crashing throughout the day. Must have crashed at least 5 times today already. Back to Safari…

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  1. I’m going to d/l it when I get home. This is getting a bit tedious really. I’ve just moved back to Safari and FireFox last week after OW5 crashings too many times. Now I have to start testing OW5b3 all over again 🙂


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