Yes, Minister

One of the Christmas present I got this year (actually last year now, but who’s counting?) is the DVD boxset of the British TV comedy series Yes Minister. Along with the follow on series of Yes, Prime Minister, it is one of the best British comedy series. The humors hold up really well even after 20 years.

Example: one of the early episode is about the introduction of European ID card and how the opponents cried “policed state”. Which is ironic because 20 years later, Britain is once again debating the introduction of the ID card! With the same set of arguments use by both sides!

It is almost like the series writers predicted the future, but really it is just that politics never change.

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  1. If only Britain were debating it! Still (Nov 04) I’m afraid a specialised interest, with legislation nearly upon us now. The Home Ofice has studiedly avoided debate, and the topis is seen as too abstract to engage the public… Though we are trying.


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