OmniWeb 5 coming soon

So OmniGroup put up a preview page of OmniWeb 5 today. Seems like it will be a great browser, but I am not sure about advertising the ‘tab’ feature when there is no actual ‘tab’ per se. I am especially interested in the ‘Workspaces’ feature as well as the ‘RSS/XML feeds viewing’ feature.

I will have to try it out thoroughly before shelling out the $29.95 asking price. There are some shortcoming in Safari that OminWeb addresses (noticeably Citibank access) but similarly current version of OmniWeb, 4.5, has its own shortcoming too (no tab browsing and auto-fill is not really auto).

With the rumored release of Safari 1.2 around the same timeframe, let’s hope OmniWeb 5 will be a competition to Safari instead of just playing catch up.

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