Auto clean up in Mac software

What is with this automatic clean up (move to Trash) process employed by some of the Mac software developers? Take VueScan as an example (there are many others), I’ve just downloaded the latest version which is a piece of great software. When the disk image file is downloaded, an automatic process performs the followings:

  1. Mount the disk image
  2. Copy the folders and/or files inside the disk image to the current folder (in my case, the Desktop)
  3. Dismount the disk image
  4. Move the original disk image file to Trash

I appreciate the effort made by the developer to clean up any files/disk images created during the extraction process but moving the original disk image file to Trash?

Do the developers think we, the users, don’t need to archive and backup the software we downloaded and bought? What type of message does this gives out? ‘We want you to buy our software but we don’t think you need to backup what you’ve bought’, or ‘We know what you want better than you!’?

Granted, for the users who don’t know the difference between disk image and applications, the clean up process is great. I have a friend who never clean up his desktop in fear of losing things and ended up with a messy desktop. But the automatic clean up will just foster a false sense of security as the users will never see the disk image files that they should save! Especially for software that is bought online and the users never receive a physical product.

Please give the users some credit and let us decide how we want to deal with the disk image file. A line or two in the Readme file describing what to do with the disk image files will work wonders.

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