Atom API supports in MovableType/TypePad

For the past few weeks I have been working on a .NET blogging tool that is closely tight to the MovableType API. That is, a mixture of Blogger API, MetaWeblog API, and MovableType API. All of these use XML-RPC API as the communication specification between the client and the server.

From my own real world experience with XML-RPC and SOAP, I know from the beginning that XML-RPC is pretty restrictive on any type of content that isn’t text based, security, and future extensibility. Also, to save time in re-inventing the XML-RPC wheel in .NET, I used the XML-RPC.NET library from Charles Cook. Although simple to use, I’ve found it less than straightforward in implementing a OO architecture in my code. Since my focus is developing a blogging tool and not devising workarounds to 3rd party library, I have to abandon my refactoring effort and get on with coding the application.

Thus, I am glad to read about MovableType/TypePad support of the Atom API, which is SOAP based and therefore much more extendable and easier to deal with binary content, along with all the features that are already built-in from the SOAP specification.

More exciting to me is the possibility to build a Atom .NET library that is as OO as possible. So I will be concentrating my effort in the coming weeks on the GUI aspect of the tool while waiting for the announcement of the Atom API supports in TypePad. Then it should be fun to create a .NET library for the Atom API. You may ask why not start now? Well, software development to me is all about efficiency and if someone (Six Apart in this case) is going to document the API and shows me examples on how to use it, why should I waste my time re-doing their work?

With luck, I may even able to develop this library on my PowerBook!

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  1. hi alex
    i yust saw your superb blog.
    for what is this api good?
    How did you integrate the find function. In my blog ididnt work.
    Thanks in advance Jochen


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