Why Fear Factor and Chinese don't mix

There never have been a Chinese contestant in Fear Factor (at least none that I know of).
1. Most Chinese women do not have large breast. Fear Factor seems to have a minimum breast size of D cup!
2. Most Chinese men are not morons, which most Fear Factor male contestants seem to be.
3. But most importantly the gruesome, nasty animal food challenge will not work for most Chinese!

Cow’s heart? Pig’s lung? Chicken feet? Cow’s intestines? Been there done that, got the t-shirt! A Chinese seeing those food will just think, “Yummy!”

3 thoughts on “Why Fear Factor and Chinese don't mix

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  1. There have been quite a few Chinese American birds on fear factor – you are just not paying attention….you only watch it whilst you are playing computer games…..


  2. I’m thinking exactly the same thing! Whenever I see Fear Factor contestants scared of eating some poor pig’s brain, I just think, “I think I drank that soup last week.”


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