After reading just under 1/6 of my way into the book, Extreme Programming Refactored: The Case Against XP, it was already like reading the story of my project for the last 12 months!

I wish I discovered this book at the beginning of this year so my project did not run into all the (apparently well known) pitfalls!

It still amazes me how we, as the whole team, are still doing damage control 6 months after spending only less than 4 months in XP model.

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  1. …LOL, at this moment I am installing Apple OS 10.3 on my Mac…

    As a loyal ‘Macite’ I would usually relish the upgrade to the latest Mac OS…But this time it is with some fear and trepadation that I pop in the install CD…

    Maybe OS hype has finally caught up with us all – Windows and Mac – and the marketing led clammer to have an OS released BEFORE it is actually ready will abate…But I doubt it!

    If Mac released 10.4 tomorrow there would still be ques of fans patiently waiting all night long for the Apple store to open so they could be first to fire up the latest OS!

    …This is precisely why I am always teh last to upgrade!


  2. Mmm… XP in this case does not refers to the OS. XP = eXtreme Programming, which is a software development methodology that I am not a great fan of.


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