Killer pits

Leah and I were just really getting into the 24 season 2 DVD box set when disc 2 failed to play around 6 minutes into the first episode. On inspection, there are 5 deep pits on the disc and no wonder my TiBook couldn’t play it!

I’ve emailed Amazon about it and probably need to return the whole box set in exchange for another one. The frustrating thing is that we can’t just jump ahead and watch the next episode like most TV series. So now we are stuck until we get the new disc.

I have faith in the Amazon return process because Leah had a recent run-in with a Amazon package went AWOL. After doing her due diligence (check with USPS, the neighbor, etc.) Amazon was very quick in re-sending the whole order with no cost and 2nd day shipping! Now, that’s customer service!

Anyway, at least this will give us a chance to finish off the Star Trek: TNG season 4 box set. Our plan is not to get the DS9 box set until we’ve watched the whole TNG series. Or at least season 6 like in real life TV schedule.

Update: Talk about fast response. I got a reply from Amazon’s customer service this morning when I woke up and they have already send out a new replacement box set on 2 day delivery, free of charge. Hopefully, we will receive it before the next weekend so we can take it on our vacation in Florida.

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