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Backup PollI have to say I am slightly surprised by this poll result. Many people that I know who has computer don’t know what a backup is and for, let alone keeping one on a regular basis. I guess this poll is biased since most of you visitors are already computer literate and know the value of a regular backup. Still, two people don’t believe they need backup and one doesn’t know what a backup is. May be these three people are just trying to skew the poll result, or may be not.

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  1. I’m surprised that no one opted for tape backup. My brother was showing me some info that revealed that by means of ordinary digital camcorder tapes, you can backup 10GB (rough estimate, it was some outrageously high number) using your camcorder as the recording medium.

    Wild stuff. I may just switch.


  2. I used to use tape backup until about 3 months ago when the tape drive die. To replace it would cost too much so I switched to a combination of external HD (dirt cheap) and CD-RW (dirt cheap too).


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