You and me both, Dave!

Dave Hyatt, the developer who worked on browsers such as Mozilla, Firebird, Camino, and Safari, tries to describe the difficulties an online application project has to deal with.

This is very similar to what my project is going through right now. The client’s QA group is performing browsers/OSes compatibility testings and the sort of things our web application has to cope with are phenomenal! In fact, the actual permutations work out to something in the thousands, and the client QA is running around 10,000 test scripts. Each combination presents some slightly different behavior, especially regarding JavaScripts. The most trouble we are having is with Netscape 4.7x and WinME, though not necessarily in that combination.

It does not help that we are using ASP.NET to produce DHTML to implement a page design that is cool but not necessarily backward compatible with older browsers (i.e. NS4.7x).

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  1. Oh poor thing, theres no time to fix the huge numbers of bugs in your software? my heart bleads.

    Perhaps you should have thought about waiting till it worked before releasing it? Instead of pushing it out half-way ready.

    Ive been a web developer for eight years and have rarely if ever isolated so many bugs and errors in a browser in such a short space of time.

    Within a couple of hours developing pages for display in Safari I realised it cant cope with rudimentary Javascript, nor can it load HTML pages without a style sheet! What is that all about?

    Do us all a favour Dave, just stop. Go work for Microsoft and fix their browser up good instead of pising into the wind creating numerous half baked versions of your own, none of which work properly anyway.


  2. Ah… you know this is *not* Dave Hyatt’s site right? And that in all probability Dave will never read your comment? May be you should leave it on *his* site instead? 🙂


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