What do you think?

Here goes another poll 🙂

Poll Closed

Update: I’ve made a minor adjustment to the link colour following Robert’s suggestion. I like the new link colour 🙂

2 thoughts on “What do you think?

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  1. Hello there,
    the site looks great. I like the graphics of the books, ect. you’ve read.
    But the colorist in me can’t help but make suggestions.
    first a very subtle change to your link color. to #9fb1c6, it doesn’t look much different, however it has a bit of the blue in your banner. A bluer grey is #88b2e2.

    Here are some blue tints you may like for other things. #99c9ff, #67aeff, #5793d8, #4879b2.

    This may seem extreme, however this complementary color would give zing: #733352f, it is a bit dark for text on your background, however would be a nice frame or liner.

    Believe it or not, I have found colors, which I think would also complement what you have, these would be nice, for instance, in the chart you drew recording this poll. #8ca8d0, #d0b48c, #a8d08c, #8cd0b4, #b48cd0, #d09ca8.

    I used two colors from your banner to find these colors. I hope you find this more useful than annoying.



  2. Thanks Robt! I am not designer so I just play with the style until it looks good to me. I will definitely try out all these colours suggestion you made 🙂


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