Kill Bill

Kill Bill must be the best action movie of the year. QT obviously has not lost his touch after six years. The fight scenes are one of the best, especially after those CG Neos in Matrix: Reloaded. And of course there is something romantic about using samurai swords instead of lead bullets. Sure the movie is violent but it is more on the stylish side than gruesome. The inclusion of the anime part is genius to say the least. Though I think not all audience will appreciate that but my Asian background definitely allows me to enjoy the stylistic expression of QT through anime.

I can say with certainty that Kill Bill will do extremely good in the box office in Japan and Asia. Come on, a beautiful blonde woman wielding a samurai sword in massive fight scene? The Japanese may even classify the movie as porn!

Oh and did I mention the soundtracks? They are so cool that I am actually tempted to go into a record store and buy a CD! You may not think this is a big deal but it must have been over a year since I last physically buy a CD. Shame iTunes Music Store does not carry Kill Bill’s soundtracks yet. Otherwise it will save me a trip to the shop and allows me to give RIAA the two fingers salute.

Can’t wait till volume 2 in February next year.

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  1. A great visual effort by QT, to be sure. But I almost felt dirty, haiving left the film, like I’d been seen leavng a porn movie. The violence was stylized, but graphic nonetheless, and I found myself averting my eyes in places. Uncomfortably close to performance art, that is to say (imho) not art at all.

    Still digesting it, wondering how it differs really from the Roman games.



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