As a consequence of canceling my UK internet account with Demon Internet, I have to move my photo site to Leah’s .mac web space. This prompt me into consider revamping the site. It was originally built more than three years ago using Microsoft FrontPage! Now it looks old and outdated. So last night I finally downloaded a free Dreamweaver sample site that works pretty well as a photo site and started hacking around. To rebuild the whole site is going to be a large undertaking but I think I am finally fed up with the old site enough to force myself into action.

You can see this new site (work in progress) here. All of the images are not setup yet but I will be working on it throughout this long weekend.

To build this new streamlined site, I am using Dreamweaver MX, Firework MX, and Photoshop Elements 2. And if anyone knows how to setup Dreamweaver to upload my files directly to .mac iDisk via WebDEV, please let me know.

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  1. Hi,

    If you want upload your .mac account to upload your photos, that’s easy. Under dreamweqver, create a new site whose local root directory is located on your local iDisk/Sites.
    That’s it.

    Hope this helps.
    Good luck with Dreamweaver (it’s painful in the beginning, but what a piece of SW once you master it….2x the generated code though).

    Thierry (from Paris, France)

    PS: btw, i simply LOVE your layout…Could you send me a copy of your stylesheet & templates (you know, iBlog stuff…) Thanks a mil in advance.


  2. The part that I don’t have time for is the build the site part! Thus, I just want a service (similar to .mac but more flexible) to let me upload photos and play with templates. I don’t actually have time to build all the layout, navigation, etc. from scratch!


  3. One problem is that Dreamweaver’ s WebDAV access does not work properly with iDisk, so you have to mount the iDisk first and treat it as a save to a local volume when setting up the site.


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