What style?

On a rare occasion where I actually accompanied Leah to the super market today I spotted this while we walked down the frozen food isle, French Style Croissant. What style? Isn’t croissant from France? I am not aware there is another style of croissant. Chinese style croissant, anyone?

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  1. Croissants are NOT french in origin. They are Austrian. The Austrians invented then at athe battle of Vienna in 1683 after the royal bakers discovered Ottomon tunnelers trying to break into the royal bakery. “Croissant” mean cressent like the Ottomon or Islamic cressent.


  2. Thanks for the explanation! I’ve briefly searched the web for origin of croissant but didn’t find any.

    Nonetheless, I still think it is silly to describe object in this way. I’ve seen another example yesterday for an Italian restaurant.


  3. Very interesting. Funny, I always thought croissants were French. See, like I said before…one of these days pizza will be called American food!


  4. I’m Romanian, and I just finished watching “The Terminal”…
    Croissant is NOT Romanian, althought the movie claim it so.
    The word “croissant” appeared in Romanian language only after the 1989 Revolution, when we started importing West-European produses.
    The Romanian word for a cressent-shaped pastry is “corn” (English translation is horn), and I’d bet its name comes from the similitude with cow’s horns.
    Personally, I always thought croissants were French…


  5. I am Romanian and the guy above doesn’t know what he says. Really. To say that “croissant” appeared in Romanian language only after the 1989 Revolution” it’s so crazy, it’s like saying the people in communist countries did not hear about Pepsi and Coca cola because they could not have access to it. Jeez! My grandmother was telling me about the delicious croissant you could buy in the Bucharest between the 2 World Wars (that time Bucharest – the capital of Romania (which many people say it’s Budapest and it’s Hungary’s capital:()) was called “little Paris”- so that was before the blessing of the communism came “. There was a very expensive bakery-cafeteria during my high school (so during communism time) that was still baking small croissants. And by the way, there is no correlation whatsoever b/w croissant and the Romanian “corn”. “Corn” is like a small bagel or bread, but has a curved shape. Croissant is puff pastries so it is completely something else.


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