Finding Windows Phone 7 apps

On my iPhone/iPad, I rely on a collection of apps to make my life easier, more fun, and happier. In order to be able to fully immerse myself in the Windows Phone 7 world, I am hoping I can find the equivalent on WP7 Marketplace. Here is my progress so far:

iPhone apps

Windows Phone 7 apps

Tweetbot Birdsong/Twitter/Seesmic
Reeder Feed Reader/GReadr
Foursquare 4th & Mayor
Remember The Milk WinMilk
Evernote fasternote
Instapaper Stacks for Instapaper
Weather Channel Weather Channel
BBC News BBC News Mobile
CNN Web page pinned to Start page
Flickr Flickr
Wikipanion Wikipedia
WordPress WordPress
OpenTable OpenTable
Tip Calculator Tip Calculator
Urbanspoon Yelp
Netflix Netflix
Amazon Kindle Amazon Kindle
Google Voice GoVoice
1Password 1Password
Pandora N/A
Verizon FiOS DVR Manager N/A
Skype N/A
Meetup N/A
Instagram N/A
Words with Friends N/A

This is by no mean the complete list of apps I have on my iPhone, just the ones that I use almost every day and thus need to find equivalent on the WP7 side. I’ll update the list as I explore the Windows Phone Marketplace more. My hope is that this post will help other iPhone owners who want to try out  WP7.

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