Apple iPad case, pleasantly surprised

I bought the Apple iPad case on the Thursday before my iPad arrival Friday two weeks ago. My original plan, after much research on the Internet, was (and still is) to get the Case-mate’s Nylon Flip case for everyday transportation and some kind of silicon case for when I take it to the gym. However, since the Case-mate case is out of stock then and still is now, I had to make do with the Apple case.

My expectation of the case was no. Especially after watching the video announcement of the iPad. The style is less elegant than some of the cases out there on the market, especially in Apple’s standard. And it looks pretty thick on the video.

However, once I opened the box at home and put my iPad in, I was very surprised by how thin the material really is. The case fits around the iPad like a second skin and provides good protect against general everyday use and scratches. The more grippy material also makes holding the iPad feel more secure.

There are a few downside to this case. First, dust collect around the edges of the screen, making the gorgeous iPad screen looks like it hasn’t been cleaned in weeks. The tight fit that makes it way better than other very thick cases out there, also means it is very difficult to take off. I much prefer to use the iPad ‘naked’ in the apartment when I don’t have to protect it from the environment. But taking the case off requires considerable force and create the potential of damaging the iPad every time I take it out.

I certainly don’t feel the $40 I spent on the case is wasted but I still think a two cases solution will be more effective for my usage. Now if only Case-mate produces more Nylon Flip Case…

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