UX disaster

The elevator company in the ThoughWorks office building (e.g. Viacom building @ 44th St) needs an user experience designer. Who in the right mind would put different door controls on each side of the elevator?

User Experience disaster - Left hand side controlsUser Experience disaster - Right hand side controls

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3 thoughts on “UX disaster

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  1. Is the issue the door open / close buttons?If so, it looks like the button closest to the door is the 'close' button, and the one furthest away is the 'open'This has probably been chosen deliberately because people instinctively hit the furthest button from the door to keep it open. (but I'm just hypothesising)


  2. Well, regardless of whatever rules they used, it is bad user experience because I have to work out which button to hit instead of always hitting the one on the right to open, left to close, for example.


  3. It's a bad user experience for you, that doesn't mean that it's bad for everyone.Door locks behave differently depending on the side of the door they're on as well. Locks on the left usually lock with an anti-clockwise turn, whereas locks on the right lock with a clockwise turn.Also, the door close button is a lie 🙂


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