Birthday weekend

After some prodding from me, Missus H. organised a birthday dinner for me on Saturday this year. Bunch of my friends came and we ate lots of delicious food cooked by Missus H. herself. The cherry coca cola ham was soft and sweet, the roasted potatoes disappeared within minutes, so were the creamed spinach. Dan, my fellow TWer, bought me a bottle of port as birthday gift and we all enjoyed it from the blue plastic cups!
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Then on Sunday, Missus H. decided that I was 'allowed' to have my birthday present from her a day early. It turned out she bought me a iPhone 3G! So without further ado, we got out of bed, had breakfast, hopped onto the PATH train and visited Apple SoHo store to pick up my new phone.
Finally, last night we went to see David Sedaris at the Lincoln Center. He was as funny in person as he was in This American Life. He was not the skinny guy that I imagined him to be from listening to his voice alone, which proves the power of the radio.

A bit of contrast from last year when I was working in London and all I did on my birthday was to go to the Race of Champions at Wembley in below freezing temperature! I thoroughly enjoyed the racing but would much prefer to be not frozen solid in the process. And by the time I got back to central London, almost all the restaurants (i.e. not pub, Italian/pizza, or Subway) that I wanted to go were shut. Closed at the weekend by 9PM!

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  1. 3G coverage in NYC is pretty decent and speed is much faster than I expected. Somehow the 3G version seems to hold onto or acquires signal much better than the 2G one. I was able to get EDGE in areas where I couldn't before, which is very nice. Only have tried GPS once for fun so can't comment on it yet, apart from it works 🙂


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