We have liftoff!

After the abortive attempt at watching a shuttle launch over six years ago, Missus H. and I finally were able to see one last Friday night! I was not able to get tickets for the closer, Launch View Facility, so we were situated over six miles away at the Kennedy Space Center Visitor Complex. The effect is still awe-inspiring, watching the night sky lit up by the solid rocket boosters, followed by the shuttle rapid ascent to space.

Due to security restriction we had to arrive at KSC by 10AM. Even after having a great ride at the new Shuttle Launch Experience, which by the way was very cool, as well as shopping at the KSC Store, we were left with over eight hours of waiting. Thankfully, I had book to read on Kindle and Missus H. had studying to do. Hours flew by and by 6PM, the atmosphere was getting exciting. The jumbo screen showed the countdown procedures and we watched the astronauts got strapped into the shuttle one by one, hours before the launch. Apollo and Space Shuttle astronauts, John Young, was there in the last hour to keep us up-to-date as well as answered questions from the younger audience.

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