No longer scrambling

A few years back, no, even just a year ago I would be scrambling to find out what is going on when I saw blog post about ecto like this one on the net. I would be trying to figure out why ecto doesn't work for this particular user and dropped all plans so I could fix them ASAP. (To be fair, some of the issues are user error/configuration while
some are fundamental design/philosophy issue which can't be fixed
without a complete rewrite from the ground up.)

Now, it doesn't seem to bother me any more. Either I am secure in the knowledge that there are many more satisfy ecto users out there and I shouldn't carter only to the vocal ones, or I no longer care enough to change my life around this project. May be if somehow I were to become an independent software developer and work on ecto as my day job, I would have the inclination to response to every blog post/issue on the net. But somehow I don't see that happening and the ROI is way too low in my current situation.

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