Fitting me

Being asian means that I always have a hard time finding good sunglasses for the summer. Almost all sunglasses in the Western world are designed for, well, white people. So my asian anatomy with lower nose bridge and wider face means all of the normal sunglasses are either too narrow or sit too close to my eyes and my eyelashes would touch the lenses.

Fortunately, Oakley has started making a 'Asian Fit' model for some of their sunglasses to fit Asian people better. Without even trying it out in a shop, I ordered the Half Jacket online the week before last and had to wait for it to arrive.

My customised Asian Fit Half Jacket arrived last Monday and only today I have a chance to try it out properly when I played tennis. I have to say it fits very well, much better than I expected. The extra large nose paddings ('nose bomb' in Oakley speaks) elevate and position the glasses away from my nose and eyes so I have no issue with eyelashes interfering. Also the elevated position means the lenses will not make contact with my cheeks which my normal Pro M-Frame does from time to time and it is annoying. The slightly wider frame means I no longer feel my temples being pinched by the ear stems like my pair of first generation M-Frame.

So for the first time ever, I have a pair of sunglasses that I can wear comfortably without any compromises! Really, unless you've been through the sunglasses search saga that I (and other Asians) have gone through, you have no idea how big a deal this is.

I hope Oakley will extend the number of frames that has Asian Fit style in the future, because I, for one, would buy more if they do.

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  1. the things we never think about (I'm hispanic, which really doesn't impact my sunglasses choices, plus I'm nearsighted so I need prescription sunglasses anyway)… but what a market opportunity!


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