Next big green thing: LED lighting

In Switzerland, Migros is the first supermarket to switch to 100% LED lighting.

The energy saving from LED is currently around 90% of Compact Fluorescent Lamp, which in term is about 8 times more efficient than traditional incandescent light bulb, i.e. LED is about 80 times more efficient than regular light bulb.

When we move to the new apartment this week, I am going to experiment and purchase some LED lamps for the desk as well as the living room from Koncept Technologies. The saving should be substantial but currently LED 'bulb' is about 10 times more expensive than CFL so only the most used lighting will be justifiable purchase.

Read more on and TreeHugger.

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6 thoughts on “Next big green thing: LED lighting

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  1. Jason Kottke was talking about this a little while ago on his blog. It seemed to me that LED doesn't quite stack up (although I can't say from experience one way or the other). See what he said here and here. Frankly, I'm content with the Compact Fluorescent bulbs.


  2. I know about the reduced light output and I intend to purchase comparable output LED bulb instead of reduced one. The cost saving will be less but I think being energy efficient is not cost free and I am willing to pay for being good.


  3. No, it's a valid question. My take on the health issue would be, what is the environmental impact of LED vs. CFL or incandescent light bulb? i.e. does the manufacturing uses or produces more toxic chemicals that would affect our health indirectly? How well does it degrade once it is disposed?


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