QotD: I’m Good.

What are five things you're good at?
Submitted by HapaLove.

  1. Programming
  2. Tennis
  3. Photography
  4. Driving video games
  5. Target shooting

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3 thoughts on “QotD: I’m Good.

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  1. We have so much in common. My dad was a mcst .. he was huge here in texas back in the day.. anyways programming was what i was good at but I gave it up because … well I'm not sure why. I played Tennis and Racquetball in highschool… I'm a pretty good photographer… in fact I worked as a photographer for about two years until I began to lose interest.. I love video games… I am not the best… but I can still hang. =) And if you put gun in my hand and let lose the guy who broke my heart.. i guarantee I'd be an expert in target shooting … haha. However… I know that you're extremely good at what you do… I'm just glad to say that I know some of what you're good at… 🙂


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