Vox Hunt: Set Your DVR

Video: Show us a clip from your current favorite TV show.

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3 thoughts on “Vox Hunt: Set Your DVR

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  1. My cousins are trying desperately to get me to watch this and I have to say, I DO want to see it, but I have the first "episode" to watch on DVD first and its 3.5 hours long!!! I just don't have time to set aside 3.5 hours!!!! When i do, I reckon I will get right into it…….


  2. Thats the first one right? I didn't realise it was a mini series. The way my cousins have explained it, they made it out to be one 3.5 hour long pilot episode that was the prelim for the series proper……
    I think we are about a season behind you over there anyway…..I have a fair bit to catch up……..I will get round to it one day!!! DVD is a wonderful thing……


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