Save the energy, Save the world

Typical bulb = 100w, a Compact Fluorescent Light bulb that outputs the same amount of light =
23w, a difference of 77w. Multiply that number by total # of US
Households (~120 million) & you can see that if every home switched
out 1 bulb, then we would save about 9.24 Billion watts of electricity
per kw/hour – Enough energy to curb emission levels of nearly 800,000

(via Digg & Energy Star)

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2 thoughts on “Save the energy, Save the world

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  1. True that. Now me, I'm moving my house to LED bulbs. Even lower electricity requirements, and I like the light they cast better than that of CFs. Plus, they turn on and off more like typical bulbs, and last an extremely long time. Which mostly makes up for the expense.However, it does, in some cases, take more than one bulb to replace the light cast by a single typical bulb, so there's a tradeoff there. However, I live in a sunny area, so natural lighting is my friend anyway.


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