QotD: I Don’t Mean To Brag, But…

What's something that you're really proud of, which most people in your life don't know about?
Submitted by CosmicBabe.

ecto for Windows

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6 thoughts on “QotD: I Don’t Mean To Brag, But…

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  1. So, can you convince Adriaan to implement the atom posting API documented here? (or whatever variation that they're using for fence, one of the SixApart OSS projects)Apparently flickr has implemented the protocol since you can now add Vox to your blogs list and post to Vox directly from flickr.Last I heard from Adriaan was that he was waiting for Vox to finish up their implementation, which sounds like its complete.As an aside, have you gotten to to work on any interesting [OS X] projects, or have you kept only to Windows? 😉


  2. Have you tried emailing Adriaan yet? He is pretty busy with Technorati work so I can't really speak for him. Also, personally I prefer to implement an API only after it has been published to the public. Chasing after changing specs get very tiresome after a short while…


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