The X’mas visit

Apart from visiting families and working on my mom's computers, I've also managed to meet up with my secondary/high school friend Julia in Bridgnorth (where I lived in the UK and went to school for over 4 years). To give a scale of how small a town Bridgnorth is, it would take me about 3 minutes to walk from one end of the High Street to the other. Longer if I actually have to go into a shop and purchase something. That is the extend of the excitement we got living there, and people wonder why I (along with Julia and others) couldn't wait to leave Bridgnorth for college.

And it won't be a successful get together without a visit to the pub so Julia and I went to one in the evening. She had also invited her primary school friend, Dave, to join us. Dave is a marine biologist working in Manchester and is another "Get me out of here, I'm a Bridgnorth-er!" type so we all got along great!

After consuming the requisite among of alcohol, we decided that we will start a new tradition of all three of us meeting up in Bridgnorth every X'mas/New Year so we can play murder mystery game in the pub! We'll see if we can keep our own promises!

(Please excuse the quality of the photos. Due to a packing issue, I forgot to take the digital camera with me to Bridgnorth. So I ended up using a disposable camera and then scanned the negatives into the computer instead. How 1990's!)

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  1. The photos look pretty good for being from a disposable camera… =) I've lived in a city that small as well… I actually chose to live there…. as I chose to move soon after. Glad to hear you had fun =)


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