Difference Engine

My mum has finally come to the 21st century with the arrival of broadband internet and a Dell laptop with built-in Wi-Fi. After setting up her DSL modem/router and connected her desktop and the new laptop to it, I had been doing a lot of application installations and data transfer this last day.

Today, my dad brought home the office machine that they have been using which used to be my machine in college. My task was to copy some files over from that to the home desktop and the new laptop, then erase the hard disk so my parents can donate/sale it.

The file transfer part is relatively easy, I just connected the old machine to the router via Ethernet cable and I was able to upload the file(s) onto my blog server space. I then sucked it back down to the laptop and unzipped, blah, blah, blah, and it was done! The thing that strike me was the noise that the old machine makes! It is as if I am using The Difference Engine! Granted, the machine is over 10 years old. It is a Pentium 166MHz, no USB, no Wi-Fi, for crying out loud! But the noise the hard disk makes really reminds me how data is read off the disk platter with the disk head swinging around on an arm!

I am glad it is finally being retired because it is definitely a hazard to my ears!

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