QotD: Pass The Dice

What is your favorite board game?
Submitted by I'm Unique.

I hate frakking board games! I always lose in Monopoly and I am crap at chess (Western or Chinese). I got Othello/Reversi beat though.

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7 thoughts on “QotD: Pass The Dice

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  1. So you're not that good at board games? I love chess but I don't know many people who enjoy playing it.
    I've never played othello… to tell you the truth i had never heard of it. =)


  2. But, you will get better at Scrabble the more we play (and so will I). Don't forget the first time we ever played I was beaten by two people who spoke English as their second language! We better brush up on Scrabble so we can play at Mum's over Christmas… she will love playing with someone who isn't dyslexic.


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